About us

Trekatex Textile Solutions is a wholesaler of Indoor & Outdoor fabrics and we supply companies in the cushions & mattresses, furniture, garden furniture, sunshade, boats, office and project industry.

With the high-quality fabrics from our Sunproof® collection, we specialize strongly in the supply of Outdoor fabrics, which we have been supplying to our customers for many years to their complete satisfaction. In addition, we have beautiful products for the indoor, office & project industry in our range, as well as an artificial leather collection.

All our deliveries take place from our central warehouse in Tilburg (NL), which means we have full control over the quality of the fabrics we send to our customers and we can guarantee you a constant quality. In addition, we work with partners who closely monitor local production processes. In short: quality is our top priority!

Are you looking for a specific fabric? This is our strength!
Contact us at info@trekatex.com or the contact form on the contact page of this website and we will help you honestly and reliably.

We would like to invite you to take a look at our collection on this website, in order to get a first good impression of our fabrics. If you are interested, we will of course be happy to send you our sample material, so that you can really feel and experience the fabrics.