WEATHER COVER: a water-repellent and waterproof fabric consisting of 40% Polyester & 60% PVC and therefore extremely suitable for protective covers for the Outdoor segment in general. The fabric is highly colorfast and will retain its original color for many years due to the BS EN ISO 105:B4 test standard.

POLYDRY: a highly water-repellent fabric consisting of 100% Polyester + PU coating for extra protection.

RAINPROOF: a waterproof Tricot fabric (stretch fabric) with a PU layer on one side. This layer ensures that the fabric is 100% waterproof. The fabric is often used as a cover to make mattresses leakproof, but also when outdoor lounge cushions must be completely waterproof. This fabric can be placed directly over the filling/foam, making the cushion waterproof, and then you can choose one of the many types of Sunproof® fabrics.

Below you will find the pictures of the colors we have available in these fabrics!